42. Internationales Filmwochenende 28.01. bis 31.01.2016

The International Film Weekend opens its doors!


The 42nd International Film Weekend opened on Wednesday with a festive champagne reception in the presence of Mayor Christian Schuchardt, many other representatives of the city of Würzburg and the festival sponsors.
Festival director Thomas Schulz promised an attractive and varied program. “A lot of wonderful films never find their way into the big cinemas. These undiscovered film gems will be screened at our festival and the best thing is that you can also get in touch with the filmmakers.” One of these guests is the high-profile American director Mick Garris, who is going to present the retrospective “100 Jahre Gänsehaut” (100 years of horripilation) on Saturday.

Mayor Schuchardt has already revealed his personal film highlight. He is going to watch “Solaris” which is part of the Stanislaw Lem retrospective that will take place on Friday. The Mayor called the filmweekend a “very important element of Würzburg´s cultural landscape” and thanked all the volunteers who have been enabling the festival for decades now.