Two retrospectives at the 42nd Internationales Filmwochenende (= 42nd International Film Weekend)


This year, the 42nd International Film Festival in Würzburg has incorporated not only one, but two retrospectives: To commemorate the 10th death anniversary of the Polish science-fiction author, Stanislaw Lem, the Filminitiative Würzburg e. V. will present a selection of films based on his books. This includes such diverse works as the first science fiction film from the GDR, “Der schweigende Stern” ( The Silent Star), and a current low budget ZDF television series, "Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot". The main actor and co-creator, Oliver Jahn, will be at the festival. The second retrospective, “100 Jahre Gänsehaut” (100 years of horripilation), will be accompanied by Mick Garris from Hollywood, California.

Garris, a true mulir-talent, is a screenwriter, producer, film journalist and historian. He written about  the modern scary movie for more than three decades and will present a small horror and thriller retrospective at the film festival.