The audience has decides: The winner is "Krigen"


Already on Sunday evening can be estimated that the film weekend again nearly captivated 10,000 spectators. “Our visitors have highy praised the choice of films again”, rejoiced the festival manager Thomas Schulz. “Even if the farewell of the festival from the Mozartareal makes us a little sad we happily take the spectator´s acknowledgment with us and look forward to the removal in 2017 to the Bürgerbräu.” Especially popular was the Danish film "Rosita", which was sold out in both screenings. Also the Austrian contributions like “Jack” and “Gruber geht” were well received. The same applies for the two retrospectives “100 Jahre Gänsehaut” (100 years of horripilation) and “Filme nach Stanislaw Lem” (films by Stanislaw Lem): And here are the winners of the 42nd International Film Weekend:


Category feature film:
1. „Krigen“
2. „Kar Korsanlari“
3. „Jack“

Category documentaries:
1. „Bikes vs. Cars“
2. „Für eine schöne Welt“
3. „L’abri“

Category short-film:
1. „Alienation“
2. „Die Badewanne“
3. „Stems“

The film group of Röntgen-Gymnasium Würzburg won the Audience Award for the "Selbstgedrehten” (self-made films)  with their contribution "Room 307".